main characters

Chuck Henderson: Chuck has emigrated from the metropolis of Rivelle to help his sister Peggy-Sue run a restaurant in the small town of Cherry Creek, accompanied by his girlfriend Bonnie. Back in Rivelle, Chuck didn't really know what to do with his life, and so he's quite content at helping out his sister in her life-project. He enjoys playing baseball. Chuck first appears 05/02-2005.

Peggy-Sue Henderson: A former teenage runaway and biker chick, Peggy-Sue is now the independently wealthy owner of "Peggy-Sue's diner", all thank's to a lottery ticket. The sister of Chuck, Peggy enjoys to walk on the wild side of life, but seems to have gotten the call of the open road out of her blood and has decided to settle down in Cherry Creek. Peggy is proactive and fearless, but people might find her overly agressive. Peggy first appears 05/06-2005.

Bonnie Salinszky: an artist and musician, Bonnie is the girlfriend of Chuck. In Rivelle, she lived by selling paintings, but it is rumored that sales were bad. Bonnie has a stoic outlook on life and seldom loses her calm. She loves art and music. Bonnie first appears 05/02-2005.

Supporting cast

Rupert McKenzie: Sulphur magnate and general rich dude, Rupert McKenzie is Cherry Creek's resident bad guy. The gang didn't even have time to open their diner before this delightful fellow came over and suggested that they close it. McKenzie can be easily recognized on his large head and his bad taste in clothes. He first appears 05/27-2005.

Ned: a hobo who lives in Cherry Creek. He has the Cherry Creek Gentlemen's Adventure Club together with Ossian. He likes tea, as well as bourbon. Ned first appears 05/23-2005.

Ossian: a hobo and a member of the Cherry Creek Gentlemen's Adventure Club, together with Ned. He likes tea, bowler hats and bourbon. Ossian first appears 05/23-2005.

Sheriff Norman Lee: The sheriff of Cherry Creek county. We know little of him, but it appears that he has some shady dealings with McKenzie The sheriff first appears 05/13-2005.

Deputy Sheriff Harrison: A deputy of Sheriff Lee. He first appears 05/17-2005.

Billy-Bob Bonde: First appears 06/06-2005.

Thomas Blue: First appears 06/06-2005.

Jebediah Skaggs: First appears 06/06-2005.

Biker Boyfriend: A large guy with a motorcycle that Peggy hung around with for some years after she ran away from home. Peggy finally had enough of him when she caught him cheating with some blond bimbo. Biker Boyfriend first appears 05/06-2005.

Mr. Henderson: the father of Chuck and Peggy. We know very little of him, except that he wears a brown suit. First appears 05/06-2005.

Mrs. Henderson: The mother of Chuck and Peggy. She is as mysterious as her husband. First appears 05/06-2005.